Sleep your way to the TOP!

*and other myths about business success

You can have the business life that works for you.  You can be in control of your career and make your own luck.  It just takes a bit of self-reflection, personal honesty and it certainly helps if you have an adult beverage at the ready.

Jane Miller

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Four Important Myths I Debunk

 #3 Size doesn't matter: Is bigger really better?  You bet it is.  So pull out your magnifying glass with the rose-colored lens and take a new look at your situation.  It may be bigger than you think.

#9 You have nothing to learn from Barbie: Keep an open mind and open eyes in all situations.  You can learn from someone (or an inanimate object) when you least expect it.

 #17 Only talented, motivational leaders move up the ladder to positions of importanceWouldn’t that be nice?  But the reality is you will work for lots of horrible bosses in your career.  Let’s name names and figure out how to successfully deal with them.

#38 What happens in Vegas stays in VegasThat’s what they all say.  But before you decide to sleep with your boss, just make sure you understand the ramifications. Including the fact that even the janitor will know.

About The Author

Jane is the CEO and founder of, a career advice website. She is also the President and CEO of Charter Baking Company, the bakers of Rudi’s Organic and Rudi’s Gluten-Free. Previously, she was part of an executive team that developed the first bankruptcy emergence plan for Interstate Bakeries. She served as President of the UK & Ireland division of the HJHeinz Company through May 2006.

In 2000-2002, she ran the Western Division of Bestfoods Baking Company, the bakers of Oroweat, Thomas English Muffins and Entenmann’s. She spent 14 years at PepsiCo in a variety of senior management positions, including Central Division President.

Jane serves as a board member for the Unreasonable Institute and as an advisory board member for the Deming Center at the University of Colorado, Justin’s Nut Butter, and ReWork.

She has a BA in Russian Studies from Knox College and an MBA from Southern Methodist University.

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